The NSIA is a thriving, active organization that plays a major role in irrigation matters for the State of Nebraska. First and foremost, the NSIA supports educational conferences, workshops and meetings for members. In addition, the Association works with groups whose interests support irrigation activities in Nebraska. Underlying these activities is an agenda that seeks to further explore the need for effective irrigation project management

A cornerstone of the Association's activities focuses on educating the public to broadening the collective knowledge about water management and related natural resources.


Interested in water resources and public policy?

Opening for the chief executive and supervising officer of the Upper Big Blue NRD, a leader in groundwater management and regulation. Work for the board of directors from a nine county area in southeast Nebraska to develop and carry out natural resources public policies, programs, projects and regulations. Work with state and federal agencies, local governments, and landowners, while overseeing a professional and technical staff. Excellent position for someone with a B.S. in, Agriculture, Natural Resources, Public Administration or Civil Engineering, and ten years experience in water resources, public administration, supervisory work, and budgeting.

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