Class IV Canversion Project


In an effort to demonstrate water usage significance to groups such as farmers, homeowners, and recreational enthusiasts; students participating in the Nebraska Water Leaders program developed a koozie with some unique facts.  The “Canversion” chart printed on the koozie breaks down a few examples of water volume usage relevant to a diverse group of Nebraskans…one can at a time.

Since 2011 the Nebraska Water Leaders program has been educating participants on the water issues concerning Nebraska; from water quality to conservation to legal issues.

Common Conversions

  • 1 acre-inch = 27,154 gallons and covers 1 acre of land 1 inch deep
  • 1 acre-foot is equivalent to 325,851 gallons of water and covers 1 acre of land 1 foot deep
  • 1 gallon of water has 128 ounces
  • 1 gallon per minute equals 1,440 gallons/day
  • 1 cubic foot per second  equals 646,272 gallons/day
  • 1 cubic foot per second equals 1.9835 acre-feet for 24 hours



12 oz Can

1 acre-inch

27,154 gallons

289,643 Cans

1 acre-foot

325,851 gallons

3,475,744 Cans

1 cfs

646,272 gallons/day

6,893,568 Cans/Day

Irrigation Well

900 GPM

9600 Cans/Minute

Pivot End Gun

120 GPM

1280 Cans/Minute

Olympic Pool Capacity

660,000 gallons

7 million cans

Lake MacConaughy Capacity

1.7 million AF

6 trillion cans

Grow 1 Acre of Corn

26 inches/acre

7.5 million cans

Grow 1 Acre of Lawn

37 inches/acre

10.8 million cans

Family of 4 Demand

.45 AF/Year

1.6 million cans/year

Avg. Miss River flow @ Omaha

33,000 cfs

2.7 million cans/second

This project was brought to you by:  

        Benjamin Morse

        Chad Scebold

        Kyle Liebig

        Tyler Thulin

We would also like to acknowledge and give a special thanks to Zimmatic for sponsoring this project.  



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